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Saturday, October 4, 2008


So I've heard the "cranching" in the middle of the night, in the direction of the kitchen, enough here lately to know that we have a little visitor at night. One of the small, gray, furry kind that probably only measures 3 - 4 inches from nose to rump. So why in the world does this little creature's "cranch cranch cranch" that I hear in the middle of the night scare the life out of me?? I will actually awaken from a dream thinking I hear the little thing under my bed! Or even worse - ON my bed!! My heart will race out of my chest like I'm having a flippin' heart attack! It really is quite ridiculous.

So anyway, this morning while feeding the two youngest their breakfast, I got up from my chair in the dining room to head across the kitchen floor to see the little guy scamper across the kitchen from behind the fridge to under the stove! Of course I let out a ridiculously loud scream. My blood was pumping so fast. Again - quite ridiculous. Then I turn around to see my 3-yr old daughter and 1-yr old son staring at me like "What in the world just happened to Mommy?". So I put on a smile and look at Mia and say "Well, there he goes, under the stove" "it was 'Mousey'". "He made Mommy scream because I was surprised to see him". Here comes the best part. After cracking up with laughter so that she could barely breathe (Silas actually joined in the laughter as well) she jumped up from her chair and bounded into the kitchen. She lays down on the floor with her face as close to under the stove as she can get looking for 'Mousey'! I'm dying inside! But as to not breed any fear in her that she shouldn't have I just watch her. She giggles and says, "Mousey's playing peek-a-boo with me!". I have no idea if this mouse is still under the stove and looking at her. If he is I'm a bit freaked out by it. But either way. Mia was so not scared of it but wanted to be it's friend. I wish I were that relaxed around the little creature that I know is going to be looking for my 1-yr old's fallen Cheerio's when I go to bed tonight. Ugh!

Then tonight when we put Mia to bed, hubby and I were carrying on about something and got a little loud and Mia is saying from her room "Be quiet, be quiet". I go back there thinking maybe she thought we were fussing at each other when really we were just carrying on. No. That wasn't it at all. We were being too loud for 'Mousey'. She didn't want us carrying on at such a level that would scare him. There you have it. We have to quiet down for 'Mousey'. We even had to include him in our bedtime prayers tonight. I had to pray over this creature that's looking to give me a heart attack in the middle of the night! Somebody better be saying prayers for ME!!

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