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Monday, September 29, 2008

My Birthday

So it came around like it does every year. Another birthday. I don't want to say which one because by now I just can't believe how these numbers keep going up. I mean, I honestly say to myself, "Really?? That can't be the right number!" I shake my head in disbelief. Because when I was much younger I knew when I hit this age that I'd be, well, OLD! I don't feel old. In fact, I must say that I feel, about myself, the best I have in my life. I mean I finally feel that I'm living and doing what I want to do. Of course I wish I had more time, more money, more time, more money... but hey, we can't have it all, right? So Friday night, my actual birthday night we went to my Mom's for my annual Chicken and Dumplings dinner. That's right. Every year my mom makes me my Chicken and Dumplings dinner. Everyone in my household waits for this night all year long. Because most years this is the only time we get this for dinner. My mother keeps telling me every time she makes them that I really need to learn to make them so that "when she's gone" I'll know how to do it. Who is she kidding? For one, I'm in no hurry for her to "go" and learning to make them would be like I'm acutally expecting that to happen. And secondly - I'll never make them the way she does - ever! So I'll stick to the things I know.

So after dinner, hubby took the two older boys out to shop for me. Yeah, of course he waited until the last minute. That's what men do. What's even funnier is that him taking the two boys at the last minute is just teaching them to wait until the last minute... Anyway... he took them shopping. And they came home grinning like the Cheshire Cat they were so happy with their choices. Luke is 12 years old and feels he has it all together. Noah is 8 and doesn't care if he has it together or not as long as someone is telling him what to do and when. So they come in with their bags grinning ear to ear and exclaim how excited they are about what they are about to give me. It was a pink long-sleeved hoodie from Hollister and "comfy" draw string pants and last but not least a little button to put on, well to put on whatever, that reads "I'm with the Band". Funny, huh? I'm worrying about my age and my kids keep me young with gifts from Hollister and a pin that reads "I'm with the Band". They were incredibly satisfied with their purchases and so was I. I couldn't be happier really. I mean these two boys go out and buy "cool" gifts for mom and bubble over with excitement while presenting them to me. I couldn't help but be giddy myself. :) It was a nice time. We finished off the night with everyone bringing in their blankets and pillows into the living room for a "family friendly" movie, "Love Comes Softly". OMG - have you all seen this movie? So I cried through the whole thing and that was the end of my birthday day. Oh, VERY IMPORTANT side note. The "Love Comes Softly" DVD was a birthday gift from hubby. Guess what else?! "Sixteen Candles" and "Breakfast Club" on DVD! How cool is my hubby? How nice was that? He, of course, would not have purchased these for himself. These were definately for me. My 80's movies. He struck gold gifting these! So yes, it was a beautiful birthday all in all. Here's to another year!

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