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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mmmm - how hard is that?

So my youngest son, Silas, turned a year old on the 5th of this month. He does his cute little baby babbles. Of course what we all wait to hear is the ever-meaningful sweet sound of "MaMa". My first three children, I drilled them - yes, shameful to admit this, but drilled them from the very beginning of their baby babbles by being in their faces smiling and saying "mamamamama". Over and over again. "mamamamamama". And to my heart's glee each of their first words were "MaMa". Chalk it up to a good teacher? No, chalk it up to this crazy woman in their face all day every day drilling the same sound over and over again. What else would they say? Each time though, I have to say, I was so proud of them (and myself!). Especially because all you hear and read about babies and their first words is that it is almost always "DaDa". Well, over my dead body! I'm up all night. I'm changing the MAJORITY of the diapers. I'm nursing until my boobs feel like they are going to fall off. These kids are gonna say MaMa - first and foremost! They all did and as stated earlier, I was incredibly proud. Welllllll, then we have the last child. My sweet fourth child. The sweet baby that because of his really nasty heart problems in the beginning of his life had me holding him 24 hours a day for the first 3 months of his life until he had corrective surgery. I was everything for this sweet little boy of mine. Everything! My sweet Silas K. Well, wouldn't ya know it... Does HE say MaMa first? Nope! Nope! He says DaDa! And very proudly! He didn't just say it first, he knew what it meant. Hubby would walk in the room and Silas would light up with "DaDa, DaDa, DaDa". Ohhh, my hubby was so pleased. What's worse is that months later, he can pronounce Noah's name - which my three-year-old daughter, Mia, JUST LEARNED to pronounce correctly, he can say bye-bye, no no, stop, uh-oh, and tries to sing e-i-e-i-o when I'm singing him Old MacDonald Had a Farm! And guess what - still no MaMa! Are you kidding me?! I try to convince myself that when he makes this babble of nananana - that he's really saying MaMa. But he isn't. He isn't. I think it's this really cruel joke. Maybe its Karma biting me in the butt for drilling my other three children with "MaMaMaMa" in their faces 'til they had no choice but repeat it to get a minute of peace. Ugh! Unbelieveable. So I wait. I'm waiting every so (in)patiently for the time when my sweet Silas will look up with that darn cute cheesy grin of his and say "MaMa".

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