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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Boy

Normally, pretty much always, my blogs are about my own children. But today is different. Today is about a boy that is not one of my three sons. It is about a boy that I don't know but he touched my heart this morning. As many of you may or may not know today is national "See You at the Pole" day. It is a day where students from schools all over the country join together at their flag pole to pray before school starts. And whether or not you believe in prayer or the power of prayer you should read on about this boy.

I was driving my two oldest boys to school this morning and the local radio station that we were listening to was taking calls from people calling in from the various schools in our area giving reports of how many students showed up for "See You at the Pole". There were some pretty impressive numbers out there. I was hearing numbers like 34, 17, 52, 102 and so on. But the one that took my breath away was the caller that said "There was one boy that showed up this morning at Seaford Middle School". That was it. One boy. This boy in front of all his peers and without the support of them said "I will stand and I will pray". This boy stood alone. I feel this boy had the courage of a soldier. I couldn't get it off of my mind. How this boy must've felt as he looked around and saw the cars pulling into his school wondering if anyone else would come stand with him. And even though there were no others this boy stood. He stood for something. He stood for something he believed in and it didn't matter to him that he stood alone. In middle school where peer pressure can be overwhelming to do the wrong thing and what your friends think of you seems so important. This boy stood. What he stood for was more important to him than whether or not he did it by himself or what people thought of him. I've not been able to get this boy off of my mind all morning. I'm so impressed with his courage. I closed my eyes and I said a prayer and asked that God would not only hear whatever prayer he spoke this morning but that he would somehow be blessed for the courage it took to do what he did this morning.

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