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Friday, September 19, 2008

So She Says

Anyone who takes any time to get to know me will inevitably hear stories about my silly and incredibly entertaining precocious three-year-old daughter, Mia. We find ourselves consumed with laughter daily because of the funny things that she comes up with to say. Some of which we have no idea of their origin, other things are quite obvious. Nonetheless here are the funny things she’s said in the last 24-hours that have had us laughing.
Last night as her oldest brother, Luke was leaving the room she says: “Come here ya big lug!”
This morning as I walk back to her room with her to get her dressed for the day, we enter the room and apparently she smells her baby brother’s diaper from earlier and says: “What’s that smell like?” I return the question with “What?” and she says “That P.U. fing (thing)”
I was in the shower this morning and decided to play a little joke on her and yelled for her to come into the bathroom. She did. At that moment I opened the door, aimed the hand-held shower nozzle at her and sprayed her. First of course she’s like “stop, stop!” But then she’s all giggles when she realizes mommy is making one of those big messes that I forbid her to make when she’s in the bathtub. I get out of the shower and as I’m drying off she stands up on the toilet seat (lid was down of course) and leans over into the sink and says, “Now I need to wash off” – referring to washing off the water that was already on her. I’m really amused as common sense would tell you that she’s just getting more wet as she stands there dipping her little fingers into the water and performing what looks like my grandmother’s nighttime washing the face and hands routine as she kept insisting she was washing off.
Later in the morning my husband and I took the two youngest, Mia and Silas, to Barnes and Noble. Of course we hit the cafĂ© first. I love chai tea whether hot or cold – I love it! I’ve passed this love to Mia as she sees a Starbuck’s sign and says “They have chai tea there”. So as we stood in line I mentioned to my hubby that they are now offering one of their seasonal flavors, Pumpkin Spice. I said, “oooo, Honey, they have a Pumpkin Spice Frap”. And Mia looked at him and said “What’s spice crap?”
And last but not least for the day: when taking her in to change her diaper (yes, she just turned 3 and is not yet potty trained) and her new question with each poopy diaper change is: “Did I make brown poops or yellow poops?”. This coming from the sweetest looking little girl. I just shake my head. But she won’t let it go until you answer her. You made brown poops, Sweetie.

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